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        The converter magnesia carbon brick designed and produced by Hefeng Company uses large crystal fused magnesia and high-purity flake graphite as raw materials, resin as a binder, and compound antioxidants. After high-pressure molding, it has low porosity and high high-temperature strength. , The hot stripping performance is good, etc., according to the smelting conditions of different steel plants and the different parts of the converter, different brands of magnesia carbon bricks can be selected to achieve higher overall benefits.

        We provide high-quality and long-life integral or split taphole casing products, and can comprehensively design taphole inner and outer bricks according to customer requirements. The taphole products use high-quality large crystalline magnesia, cold isostatic pressing and high pressure forming at one time. It has the characteristics of uniform and stable composition, low porosity, high temperature strength, strong erosion resistance and good oxidation resistance. Meet customer needs

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